Angara Siberians

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Specializing in extremely low allergen kittens, backed up by lab testing!

About Us

Our background

We've both loved animals all our lives, and have had dogs, cats, birds (including our macaw Mac), mice, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and a rabbit.  My mother always said that I should have been a vet, and she was probably right, but caring for our dog, our macaw, and our breeding Siberians and their kittens certainly gives us plenty of animal tending daily! Now, leading clinical research for a company, I bring that data driven mentality to our breeding program, resulting in the lowest allergen Siberians raised to be the most delightful and loving additions to your family.

Our History

Angara's Siberians started by exhaustively researching Siberian lines for almost a year to identify those who had generations of cats without genetic disorders, who were show quality and lowest allergen.  Now as one of the three longest breeders of Siberians in New England, our ultra low-allergen breeding cats and their kittens have never had HCM, PKD, genetic diseases or FIP in our history. Our breeding cats' Fel-d1 levels  cluster between 0.3 to 0.8 (exceptionally low).

Our Siberians

Our Siberians meet us at the door when we come home, follow us from room to room and settle in next to us, whether it is on the couch, at the computer, in the kitchen, in the laundry area or in bed for the night. Siberians often communicate with sweet mews, trills, chirps and lots of purring. Siberians love toys and they'll play readily, even with  balled-up pieces of paper. Siberians get along well with children and other animals. Our cats even enjoy the company of our large dog and, occasionally, our macaw! 

CATS 101


See the video of our cats at

Animal Planet's film crew spent almost 6 hours at our home filming our cats and kittens to yield just several minutes of footage that includes two cats on this website, Tango and Keeper (as a young kitten), former breeders Rina and Snowball plus a segment on our Max, also a foundation cat. We hope you enjoy this CATS 101 segment!

Our Foundation

Our Foundation Cats

Angara Siberians imported our foundation cats from St. Petersburg, Russia and Oregon, selecting cats for outstanding health, temperament, low allergen properties and show quality features. We raise our cats as beloved members of our family, sharing our living space, home office and beds with them. We have shown  in TICA, CFA and CFF.  In addition, Angara Siberians is registered with TICA and CFA. We have been a cattery member of TAIGA, Siberian Research Inc. and have supported Siberian Cat Research Funding.   

DGC TANGO: Our Foundation Sire

Tango came to us from St. Petersburg at 6 months old, and he is our "forever" cat. Smart, engaging, playful and sweet, we are so grateful to Irina for trusting us with him so many years ago. His kittens are always "mini Tangos" and well tolerated by those with cat allergies. His Fel-d1 level is in the low range. Many thanks to Irina for trusting us with this boy and helping us to begin our journey in the Siberian world!

About this photo:

Double Grand Champion Sibirskoe Chudo Tango of Angara was not happy having his photo taken at a show in Providence when it was 90 degrees at 8:30 AM, and his displeasure shows! Tango is otherwise an incredibly happy and sweet and loving boy that wants nothing more than to be with us!  

Our Kings & Queens


CFA Gr.Ch Folie a Deux Harold (0.3 Fel-d1)

Harold has been our traditional king once Molochnik retired from breeding. Harold has an ultra low Fel-d1 allergen level of 0.3 as well as the sweetest disposition. We are so happy to have him as part of our family and just love his kittens! And if have a chance to meet Harold, don't be surprised if he "hugs" you as he loves people.


Angara Petunia (0.2 Fel-d1 level)

Petunia, Sassy and Molochnik's daughter, inherited her mother and father's gentle nature and flashy markings. She is a joy and with her extremely low allergen level she is well tolerated by those with significant cat allergies. Petunia is so much lovelier than my photo would suggest! You can see how much she loves our dog Coco. Actually, all the cats love Coco and she is a tremendous help in socializing our kittens to dogs. Petunia is retiring this month and going to a wonderful home!


Angara Puff (0.3 Fel-d1 )

Puff is one of Sassy's daughters, and I struggle to get a complimentary photo of this gorgeous flame point, and it is a shame. She is so loving and practically floats as she prances over to see us. Puff also has a lovely trill when she "speaks" to us. Her allergen level is in the extremely low range, and she has been well tolerated by those with significant cat allergies. She will be retiring in the coming year and her placement is pending.


Elusha (1.2 Fel-d1)

Elusha was to have been a future "king" for us, and weren't we surprised after we picked "him" up at the airport to see that our "boy" (who had been to the vet the day before the flight to Boston and listed as a boy) was actually a little girl. Her terrific personality won us over within minutes however, and her Fel-d1 level is very low.  Elusha is retiring from breeding this year and her placement is pending.


Molochnik (0.6 Fel-d1)

Molochnik, a CFA Grand Champion, has been retired and is now living with one of his sons with a wonderful family. Molochnik's gentle spirit, hysterical antics and delightful nature are missed every day, but we are thankful that we have his daughter, Petunia, as one of our queens, and one of his granddaughters will become a queen soon. 


Tango became a TICA Double Grand Champ in only several shows and was the best Blue Lynx Point with White globally for three straight years. 

Molochnik, Tango's son, became a CFA Grand Champion, and our current sire is CFA Grand Champion Folie a Deux Harold Hill. 

Angara's Keeper, on the top of this website, was a show champion and absolutely stunning. She is now living as a cherished girl in Natick.

Current cats competing in shows

Velma is a CFA Grand Champion, third Best of Breed globally, who also competes in agility. She is gorgeous with great type and she enjoys the show hall! She is co-owned by a CFA show judge and we look forward to her first litter with us in the next year, likely with CFA Grand Champion Harold.

Velma's father, CFA Grand Champion  and Northeast Regional Winner Slava Billy Flynn began his show career and in 2017 he even finaled in 9 out of 10 CFA show rings!  

Her mother, Sadie, is also a CFA Grand Champion with a beautiful golden coat. 

Why show?

While we focus 98% of our attention on breeding and raising the healthiest and lowest allergen Siberians, the best way to be sure that we select show quality cats for our breeding program means being objective in assuring that they meet the breed standard. I am joining the CFA Siberian Breed Council because we have tirelessly worked to better the breed and as a result have met the stringent qualifications required to do so. My mentor told me, years ago, that just because a cat has reproductive organs does not mean they should be part of a breeding program, while another mentor shared the " if you show, you know the standard, and if you don't show you don't know," and with SIX CFA or TICA Grand Champions who have been part of our program, we've combined health, low allergen levels and the breed standard into our program seamlessly.

About Siberians

Typical personalities

Cat Registries and Research

Cat Registries and Research

 Siberians are very personable, affectionate and engaging cats who want to be near their owners; some refer to Siberians as "dog-like", but we think of them simply as Siberians.  Siberians often communicate with sweet mews, trills, chirps and lots of purring.  Siberians love toys and they'll play readily, even with  balled-up pieces of paper.   

Cat Registries and Research

Cat Registries and Research

Cat Registries and Research

 We have shown our Siberians in TICA, CFA and CFF.  In addition, Angara Siberians is registered with TICA and CFA. We have been a cattery member of Siberian Research Inc. and have supported Siberian Cat Research Funding.   

Sample Testimonials

Cat Registries and Research

Sample Testimonials

 "I just wanted to give you a little update on little Saki! She seems to be adjusting quite well to life with us, and you are right--she's such a cuddlebug! Anyway, we just wanted to extend our thanks again!"
"We just wanted to thank you again for bringing Pippin into our lives. He has been an absolute delight. And Jennifer has had absolutely no problems with her cat allergies! We are thrilled!!" 

Our Siberians

Hypoallergenic Siberians?

Sample Testimonials

Our Siberians meet us at the door when we come home, follow us from room to room and settle in next to us whenever we sit down.  Our Siberians get along well with children and other animals - mine have even enjoyed the company of our dog, macaw and rabbit! Siberians tend to be easygoing, and ours are rarely disturbed by anything, not even the vacuum! 

Hypoallergenic Siberians?

Hypoallergenic Siberians?

Hypoallergenic Siberians?

Research has shown that less than 50% of Siberians have low Fel-d1 allergen levels and only 15% are in the exceptionally low range. If you have any concerns about allergies, please visit us to test with our Siberians to gauge your response to our low allergen cats and evaluate the potential suitability for one of our kittens. We have 100% success placing kittens when someone has allergy tested with us and not  developed symptoms within 2 hours. We also now test most of our litters to obtain their Fel-d1 levels. For additional information, go to 

Another Testimonial

Hypoallergenic Siberians?

Hypoallergenic Siberians?

 " I just wanted to thank you again. The kitten could not be doing better. I am amazed at how well socialized he is -- he is so snuggly and playful. I brought him to my grandparents house with a few other family members, and he could not wait to play and cuddle with everyone...he seemed to really enjoy it so I brought him to his first ever (Harvard) law school class and he was equally friendly.  If you ever need someone as a reference for your kitties,I'd be thrilled to. Love, Cassie and Rafa"  



We believe in data and lab test our litters for their Fel-d1 levels, including this spring.

We are the ONLY Siberian breeding program in the Eastern US to offer the validated saliva testing method for FEL-D1 in kittens for our litters.  We also focus on breeding and placing only the lowest allergen Siberian kittens for those who require very low and exceptionally low levels of the Fel-d1 allergens, and these kittens are rare.  I advise you to check out and for additional Fel-d1 information.

We are being exceptionally careful given the presence of coronavirus. We have created a new social-distancing testing protocol so that you can test safely in a dedicated 10x14 foot space, and are limiting appointments to fully sanitize in between visits. We will ask you to take your temperature just before you depart to visit us, that you have not been in known contact with anyone with the coronavirus within 14 days, and that you have no symptoms. We will have you wear a mask for much of the visit, removing it to be sure to experience the cat's/kitten's allergens during the first half of the visit. We will have hand sanitizer onsite.  We appreciate your understanding as we work to be sure all of us stay healthy.

We are a small breeder, and while sometimes it will just be days or weeks, at times it could be months before a kitten may become available to you but we will contact you when you are likely to be able to adopt soon to learn more about your needs.  Also, this is a hobby and we work full time and volunteer in the community and have a special needs rescue dog so at times we don't check email more than weekly, and we apologize in advance for the fact we will likely not return your initial inquiry quickly. If you are interested in immediate adoption, please email us at info@angarasiberians.

When we allergen test an entire litter, which is the majority of our litters, we will not determine placements until kittens are 14-15 weeks old. Kitten fees will vary based upon allergen level, with those in the exceptionally low and very low range placed with extended allergen testing periods and full refunds should it be necessary.  These extremely low and very low allergen kittens are an investment; we have spent many years developing and refining our breeding program to allow those with moderate to severe cat allergies to successfully adopt a feline companion.  

For the few litters that are not allergy tested, selection will be at 8-10 weeks. There is an allergy symptom return policy (which hasn't needed to be used in years), but we do require that you allergy test with us before bringing home your kitten, even if only on day of pick-up. These kittens are always bred from parents who tested in the exceptionally low range for the Fel-d1 allergen.

We have invested years of extensive time, effort and expense to obtain, breed and then maintain the healthiest lowest allergen Siberians in the Eastern US. An Angara Siberian is an investment in a very low to exceptionally low allergen pet with a genetic health guarantee and an allergen return and refund policy, and thankfully, only once has either been necessary in years.



#2, 3, 4

#2, 3, 4

Just wanted to give you an update on Smokey! Smokey is settling in well and getting used to his surroundings. He loves to be right next to either Chris or I, and purrs all the time. We love him more than words can describe and he is such a good boy!! We are so happy to have found you guys! He is so happy and playful. He's the absolute love of our lives & the BEST companion. He has the funniest personality and loves to be around people. He's curious and energetic but loves his nap times :) he's so happy to see me when I come home from work and follows me around 247. He's growing up too fast - he's almost ten pounds ! He LOVES the vet oddly enough and is so laid back. I just wanted to let you guys know how grateful we are to have such a sweet companion, we are so glad we found you. Did I mention he's so handsome?
Thank you again,
Lindsay & Chris 

#2, 3, 4

#2, 3, 4

#2, 3, 4

Everything is going well here. Findlay has firmly created his niche in the family!  We just love him.  He is doing so well and adapting. I feel like we got the best cat ever! Thank you again. 


We have absolutely loved having Sunny in our home. He is so sweet and loving and as you mentioned, gorgeous. We really feel that we have the most perfect cat!

Buu and Ryan

I just wanted to share some photos of Yoko, she is growing into a beautiful cat with the best personality. We just love her to pieces. Very affectionate, very smart, not shy or skittish at all again!!!



#2, 3, 4


 I just wanted to follow up with you on our cat Talisker, who comes from you (via Petunia and Harold Hill). We named him after a smoky flavored scotch whisky for obvious reasons. We usually call him "Talie" (rhymes with Sally). He is the most well-adjusted cat that I have ever seen, which is a great testimony to your breeding program and socialization practices for the kittens. He is very confident and fears nothing, but is also very loving and playful. He stands his ground with obnoxious cats and dogs. Due to his low allergen level, I react much less to him than our other siberian, but I do fine in general.  If we ever get another kitty, we will definitely come to you. I think my wife would like one of the sealpoints.

Contact Us

We happily talk with potential Angara families about if and how we can help you to successfully adopt one of our kittens. We can also talk about visiting us to allergy test, the benefits of having a kitten with known Fel-d1 allergen levels based upon severity of allergies and how to effectively manage cat allergies in your home. Finally, we can talk about if you would like to be on our waiting list for very low and exceptionally low lab-tested Siberian kittens.