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Angara Dalia
Photo by Helmi Flick from the Mysticats Cat Show June '09 

Siberians are very personable, affectionate and engaging cats who want to be near their owners; some refer to Siberians as "dog-like", but we think of them simply as Siberians.  

Our Siberians meet us at the door when we come home, follow us from room to room and settle in next to us, whether it is on the couch, at the computer, in the kitchen, in the laundry area or in bed for the night.  Siberians often communicate with sweet mews, trills, chirps and lots of purring.  Siberians love toys and they'll play readily, even with  balled-up pieces of paper.  Siberians get along well with children and other animals - mine even enjoy the company of our Golden Retriever, macaw and rabbit! Siberians tend to be easygoing, and ours are rarely disturbed by anything going on in the house or in the show hall.   

We chose the name Angara for our program to honor Siberian and the Angara River that flows from Lake Baikal in Siberia to the beautiful city of Irkutsk, home to the region's splendid museums and renowned architecture. 

Angara Siberians imported our foundation cats from St. Petersburg, Russia and Oregon to our home just outside of Boston, selecting cats for outstanding health, temperament, low allergen properties and show quality features. We raise our cats as beloved members of our family, sharing our living space, and beds, with them. We have shown our Siberians in TICA, CFA and CFF.  In addition, Angara Siberians is registered with TICA and CFA. We have been a cattery member of Siberian Research Inc. and have supported Siberian Cat Research Funding. 

This website will provide you with some information about the Siberian cat, our championship cats and some links that might be helpful as you begin your journey learning about these majestic creatures. And if you are looking for a Siberian kitten, please contact me from our kitten page and I'll do my best to help you adopt a wonderful Siberian companion.


Rina and Marty


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